5 Surprising Benefits of Quitting Sugar

5 Surprising Benefits of Quitting Sugar

Ahhh sugar. The sweet stuff has been around for hundreds of years and has been adored for generations.

Some have experienced the huge highs, and crashing lows after a sugar binge, and others have a steady stream of the white stuff so don't really notice anything out of the ordinary when they consume it.

Media peeps including the uber cool journo Sarah Wilson who created I Quit Sugar, opened the public's eyes to the detrimental effects of sugar. Then Government's recently started to slap a "sugar tax" on soft drinks, and canteen's at many schools have become refined sugar free....so its definitely become a movement and we're here for it.

We created The Clean Treats Company as we prefer not to eat white sugary treats, and like to keep sugar to a minimum. And it's not just us...our customers are LOVING our refined sugar-free range of healthy treats!

If you're thinking about quitting sugar, or you're learning how to quit sugar, the top 5 surprising benefits we have found might help you on your path. What benefits COULD YOU expect quitting sugar?

1. Your skin might be brighter
Sugar can cause inflammation in the body which breaks down collagen and elastin. It can also effect collagen increasing the risk of skin disorders and wrinkles. No thank you! One expert we adore, The Glucose Goddess IG account, explains the effect sugar spikes can have on our skin beautifully - make sure you check it out!


2. You will have more energy
Oddly, you'll be jumping for joy and have lots more energy without sugar. One would immediately think "hang on, sugar GIVES you energy". Which is kinda true but it also creates a large spike in blood sugar. This may give you a kick of high energy levels, but they'll quickly drop as the insulin drives the sugar away from the blood and into the cells.

This will then make you feel fatigued or experience a "sugar crash". Quitting sugar will stabilise your blood sugar levels, and therefore you'll have energy to burn baby.



3. You could lose weight
As sugar is loaded with empty calories, and can stimulate your appetite, you may be over-eating and snacking on foods or drinks that are jam packed with the white stuff aka weight gain.

By quitting sugar, you'll be reducing your overall sugar intake, reducing the number empty calories you’re eating and reduce overeating....BINGO, you're likely to drop a few kilo's by switching to proteins and wholefoods that will fill you up. for far less empty calories.

4. You will be happier

Our hormones can be another victim of sugar, as our hormones suffer when sugar is added to our bodies. It can suppress certain hormones that we need to keep our moods stable and happy.... and could enhance low moods and even depression instead. If you quit sugar, your hormone levels that are generally affected will return to normal, and your moods may also improve.


5. Your gut will be thriving

Gut health has been a major focus for the last few years, with research showing the gut affects our entire wellbeing. Research shows that those who tend to eat high levels of refined sugar, also tend to eat excess amounts of saturated fats (and not a lot of fibre either). 

The gut NEEDS us to feed the number of healthy microbiota that exist in the gut, so it can remove unwanted toxins. 

To keep our gut humming along in harmony with the rest of our body, it needs wholefoods, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and nourishing foods. 

Looking for solutions for sugar cravings as you quit sugar? The Clean Treats Company produce a range of healthy and delicious sweet treats that all contain less than 2 grams of sugar!

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