Sugar Hacks for Baking

Sugar Hacks for Baking

Got a sweet tooth, but you're trying to cut down on the white stuff? Here are a few alternatives that may ease you into the sweeter side of life ❤️

Maple Syrup

The pros: A sweet, caramel and earthy flavour adds depth to baking.

The cons: It can be expensive. And since it’s liquid, it won’t work in recipes that requires creaming sugar into butter for leavening (most cookie recipes).


The pros: There are so many varieties of honey, for me though I love Manuka. Yes it's pricier but it has a deeper flavour and isn't full of syrupy flavouring (which many honeys can be!).

The cons: Honey will burn at high temperatures. It also has the same issue as maple syrup in that it's not ideal for cookies or any recipe that requires creaming of butter.


The pros: Swapping refined sugar with fruits like bananas, apples or even pineapple adds sweetness and nutrition.

The cons: Whether it’s the whole fruit or just the juice, the added liquid makes a wetter batter. If you’re looking for a light and airy texture, it won’t happen.

Date Water

The pros: To get a seriously sweet date water, soak whole fresh Medjool dates in boiling water (just so they've covered) for at least 4 hours. Longer if possible. This draws out the yummy sweetness.

The cons: It can be expensive so use sparingly.

Coconut Sugar

The pros: It's a dense sugar with a mild, earthy sweetness. It's low GI and behaves similarly to white sugar in baking. And no, it doesn't taste like coconut.

The cons: Coconut sugar has a lower smoke point than most, which means it can burn if you’re not careful if you're using it in sauces, baking or at high temperatures.